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Music is the universal language of mankind.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


7 - 15 july 2017 

A week of superb music education plus cultural exposure to a land where an ancient heart beats inside a modernising country.


The tutti Festival was my second international trip for a music festival with my School, and I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere in comparison to the other festival I have attended. The fact that it wasn't a competition meant that we were invited to make lots of new friends with people from other schools, which was easily a highlight of my Music Tour. I also appreciate the effort that went into helping the students improve musically, and I came away from the Festival and the Music Tour feeling more confident about my performance skills.          Australian Student, tutti wymb 2013
i wld just like 2 thank u frm the b0ttom of my heart f0r everything u have taught me in that sh0rtperi0d of time we had together... i have w0rked extremely hard 2 get to beijing...1 of my goals going2 beijing was 2 learn as much as i could and share the passi0n i have for music with others. music isall i have.. when i play its as if i am c0nnecting with my soul. all of the challenges i face in my life goaway at that time.         South African Student, tutti wymb 2011

The tutti world youth music festival beijing will be an exciting week long event for school age musicians and singers from around the World. It will provide the opportunity to enhance and showcase their talents in a non competitive environment and through their love of music to reach out and build friendships across the cultural diversity of the World.

To be held in Beijing China over the July 2017 holiday period, tutti world youth music festival beijing welcomes participation from

            string orchestras/ensembles
chamber ensembles
            symphonic wind bands
            brass ensembles 
             jazz ensembles 
            percussion ensembles
            choral groups- male, female, mixed 
    ethnic ensembles
    photography and media students 
            cultural tourists
    language students ( mandarin )         
All tutti world youth music festival beijing participants will experience performances by other attending musicians, faculty members, visiting Chinese musicians and other artistic and acrobatic performers.  Woven throughout the event is a significant cultural exposure program that takes in all the significant historical venues around Beijing.


superb music education

What attending music directors have had to say...... 

"The boys had a great time and got some great musical and life lessons out of the whole experience. It was pretty much everything we could have hoped for."     
Australian Music Director, tutti wymb 2013

".....a big thank you to you and your team for the wonderful organization and experience at the tutti world youth music festival in Beijing.
I felt that that there was a very good balance between the cultural and musical programmes. The concerts and workshops were fantastic.
The staff and practitioners were very helpful and generous in sharing their expertise.... I'm a  die-hard choral person and the festival certainly opened my eyes and ears to the realm of instrumental music, particularly concert bands! Talk about WOW factor."          Attending music staff member from China, tutti wymb 2013
...the festival was an amazing experience.  The children have not stopped talking about it and most enjoyed the experience with the faculty they worked with......As a staff member, I thought the logistics were incredibly managed and the response to how kids and staff were feeling was excellent. We enjoyed the fact that the logistics were not our worry and that we could focus on the kids. ( Clever management of the timetable to facilitate sleep-ins as the week progressed ).     Attending music staff member from Australia, tutti wymb 2013 
"In the master classes with the guest conductors each girl had a more personalised form of attention and instruction that the faculty member had on their playing and technique. The girls were so amazed that in each session each one had the opportunity to have instruction and guidance from a professional musician that was unique to her playing and not just in general."
      South African Music Director, tutti wymb 2011

"Our students thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience both culturally and musically. They came back enthusiastic and inspired in their music. They loved working with such an exciting faculty and appreciated all they learnt from them. The event being set in Beijing offered up a unique cultural experience which students relished."      
Australian Music Director, tutti wymb 2011

"I again would like to thank all the faculty members who made the tutti festival such an amazing space of learning without the pressure of competing with other people. Our girls cannot stop talking about how much they have learnt and how great a time they had."     
South African Music Director, tutti wymb 2011

passion and music from the heart  

Throughout the tutti world youth music festival beijing participants will undertake a series of masterclasses focusing on technique improvement run by a stellar international faculty. As well all groups will have the opportunity to perform their own chosen repertoire for other participants in a non competitive atmosphere and as part of a combined tutti ensemble. As Artistic Director Paul Dean will again lead the event. He will inspire you! Paul is one of Australia's foremost music educators and he promises that the experience will be exceptional. Remember....the focus will be on learning to play your instrument or sing better. It is not a competitive event...that is not our philosophy. You will find that this creates an atmosphere of friendship and enjoyment of music far beyond what you have ever experienced. See what Paul Dean says here.

The tutti faculty at the Farewell Dinner 2013

reach out, build bridges

What the faculty have had to say......

"Thanks for the amazing experience in Beijing. Normally there's something to whinge about with these things but really it was just so well put together with such fabulous people I'm stuck for words to describe how perfectly the week ran. Very keen to do it again, and again, and again..."        Australian Faculty member, tutti wymb 2013

"Once again a great time and great event in Beijing!!.... Looking forward to 2017 and I'll be delighted to be part of this again."     American Guest Conductor, tutti wymb 2013

"tutti 2011 was an outstanding and unique cultural, educational, and musical experience for all concerned. Outstanding faculty colleagues, talented student musicians from different parts of the world, and a great tour organization and guides - bravo!"      American Guest Conductor, tutti wymb 2011

"Thanks for everything. I had a great time and was amazed at how you got that thing to work! Looking forward to spending more time in China in future, what an amazing country."     
Australian Faculty member, tutti wymb 2011 

7 - 15 july 2017

Interested schools are urged to register an expression of interest as soon as possible as places are capped!

....."an amazing experience both musically and culturally"      Australian Director of Performance, tutti wymb 2011


Haidian Minzu Primary School performing in 2013 

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